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First periods, hot flashes, trying to conceive, trying to not conceive, STDs, Pap smears, pain “down there.” It’s all a part of a woman’s gynecologic health. And though you'll not be comfortable talking about all of those things, we are … and that we are here to assist .
At Elite Clinic, we provide variety of gynecologic services for females across the age spectrum.

*Abnormal Pap test follow-up
*Birth control
*Preventative gynecology
*Pediatric and adolescent gynecology
*Pelvic pain

Best Gynecologist at Elite Clinic
Our doctors at Elite Clinic have remarkable expertise in treating women of ages with all kinds of disorders and diseases of the genital system .

Elite Clinic is supported by a well equipped microbiological, pathological lab & radiology departments. Our Doctors expertise in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, gynecologic oncology, urogynecology, obstetrics and maternal-fetal medicine, reproductive endocrinology and infertility gives her the power to serve a good sort of patients. they're also an expert in minimally invasive surgeries and sophisticated open surgeries.

Some of the care provided by the great Obstetric and Gynecological Department are
*Annual gynecological exams
*Pap smears
*Adolescent gynecology
*Management of symptoms of menopause
*Evaluation and management of menstrual irregularities
*Gynecologic cancer and colposcopy
*Vaginal infection
*Sexually transmitted infections
*Pelvic pain
*Abdominal swellings in women
*Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
*Abnormal periods

High-Risk Pregnancy Specialist
Pregnancy and birth are natural processes. Most pregnancies are low risk – healthy mom, healthy baby, no complications . When your not underweight or overweight, with no chronic health issues, age but 35 years and if you're having only one baby during this pregnancy– then both you and your baby are presumably to travel through a secure pregnancy and birth. Today, 88% of pregnancies have a physiological course which needs just basic care, while 12% of cases are of the higher-risk category that needs additional care.

So what's high risk pregnancy?
High risk means you or your baby’s life might be at a risk of complications.
It are often the results of a medical condition present before pregnancy or a medical condition that develops during pregnancy. for instance , if you're carrying quite one baby it's called a multiple pregnancy or if the baby has some developmental issues either of you'll be in danger . While all pregnancies are often challenging, high risk pregnancies can possess significant challenges to the health of both the mother and therefore the fetus.

Steps to be taken to travel through a healthy pregnancy
High risk pregnancies require more advanced level of pregnancy consultation and monitoring as they carry huge risk of complications and problems for a baby’s health at the time of birth and beyond. Women with high risk pregnancies will need to be counseled by a high risk pregnancy specialist to be specifically attentive toward their health, have a nutritious diet, maintain proper amount of weight and avoid the consumption of any risky substances or medications. Regular prenatal visits, regular maternal and fetal screening also as additional prenatal tests are usually recommended to further assess the health and development of the baby. Delivery of a high risk pregnancy is best to require place during a well equipped hospital setting, under the guidance of an honest obstetrician.