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Best Women Health Care at Elite Clinic

Women do many roles in and out the house. aside from that, they have to face tons of physical also as strain at many points in their lifetime. it's important to possess regular health checkups so as to take care of the health. Most of the hospitals nowadays provide the specified checkups. Women Wellness Check ups became quite common nowadays.

It includes:

*Blood Tests

*Thyroid test: Check for thyroid disorders

*Blood glucose test: Detecting diabetes level.

*Pap smear test: Check for cervical cancer.

*Routine urine and stool examination

*Urea and creatinine: Kidney function test

*Liver function tests (LFT): Analyse whether the liver functions normally or not.

*Lipid profile: Analyse the extent of cholesterol.

*Mammogram: Detecting carcinoma .

*ECG or electrocardiogram

*Pelvic exam

*X-ray chest: To analyse problems with the lungs and therefore the heart.

*Bone density check: to see whether has a problem of osteoporosis.

All these are done to make sure healthy lifetime of the ladies . they could face various issues, of which may be determined through these tests. A female doctor will perform these tests and can give suggestions and tips to be taken care of. If anything found abnormal, she is going to prescribe the specified treatment or ask the concerned doctor.

A test to analyse the unborn baby’s health is named prenatal testing. During the prenatal visit, the physician will suggest for several tests to see for variety of things such as- signs of infection, rubella infection, chickenpox, problems with blood. There are often various other tests suggested through out pregnancy. Some common tests for all women are:

*Screening for mongolism

*Screening for HIV

*Screening for gestational diabetes

Other tests may vary consistent with factors such as:


*Health history of the lady and family

*Routine test results

*Ethnic Background etc.

Screening tests are to detect the signs of health issues on the unborn baby. After screening tests, diagnostic tests are going to be conducted to verify the difficulty . the most purposes of a prenatal test are:

To facilitate timely treatment for the kid

If diagnosed with some dangerous condition, the oldsters can abort the fetus to avoid further complications.

Giving an opportunity to the oldsters to organize mentally, physically and financially to deal with the child’s health issue.

In total, prenatal testing gives an opportunity to the oldsters and doctor to organize for the delivery.