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Cervical incompetence is a condition where the cervix becomes shorter than normal. this is often a risky condition and cause miscarriages. Cervical stitch or cervical cerclage may be a treatment for the condition called cervical incompetence. Early changes within the cervix are often prevented using this cerclage. it's a surgery by which the cervix is closed with stitches during pregnancy. Cervical stitch procedure is employed when a woman’s cervix is in danger of opening. It happens during pregnancy as a results of pressure.

Occurring three or more continuous miscarriages are termed as recurrent miscarriages/ habitual abortions/ recurrent pregnancy loss. it's found that around 1% of couple suffer from recurrent pregnancy losses.

The primary method used for assessing a healthy pregnancy is transvaginal ultrasonography. Non-pregnant patients may need to undergo for karyotype, blood tests, ovarian function test, thyroid function tests etc. for diagnosis. Treatment is usually recommended consistent with the cause determined.

The fourth month of pregnancy is taken into account to be the best time for the procedure. During the procedure, a stitch are going to be inserted into and round the cervix. The stitch are going to be removed towards the top of pregnancy. Till then, greater risks of miscarriage are going to be passed. Cervical stitches are of various types:

The patient are going to be under observation for several hours after the procedure. Bed rest are going to be suggested for a few time and strenuous physical activities are prohibited. Comparatively cervical stitch surgery may be a safe procedure. There are often a couple of potential risks and complications, such as:

*Anesthetical risks
*Amniotic sac infections
*Cervix Displacement etc.