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Elite Clinic the Advanced Centre for Obstetrics & Gynaecology
The department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Elite Clinic is a centre of excellence that gives one-stop care to women of all age groups. The team at Elite Clinic consists of well trained and qualified doctors covering the whole gamut of the speciality from routine antenatal care to high-risk obstetrics, fetal Medicine, Infertility, sort of abdominal and vaginal surgeries, laparoscopic and robotic surgeries, pelvic floor disorders, gynaecological oncology, and cosmetic gynaecology.

Adapted by most of the developed countries; a team-based approach is one during which consultation driven management is followed. As obstetric services need continuous support and care, consultant driven team-based care increases the probabilities of normal vaginal delivery, improves the standard of management just in case of Obstetric emergencies and reduces complications of pregnancy. We pride oneself in working as a team which enables us to handle complex deliveries like vacuum delivery, delivery , shoulder dystocia, bleeding following delivery, cesarean delivery for sophisticated pregnancy like previous multiple cesarean sections, pregnancy , antepartum haemorrhage and multiple pregnancies (twins and triplets).

The team also comprises many other support services like nursing staff and physiotherapists who support also as provide individualized care to every patient in labour. Labour is that the most difficult a part of pregnancy. To ease the method we've excellent nursing staff and physiotherapists to encourage the expectant mother. We also practice painless delivery in association with our anaesthesia team who are well trained in obstetric anaesthesia. we've a fanatical 24/7 anaesthesia team specially trained in obstetrics like epidural anesthesia and managing obstetric emergencies.

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