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At Elite Clinic we provide an entire approach for your dreams to parenthood. Our advanced methodology to fertility brings you care that's customized, innovative and patient centric to make sure your treatment is at its best and you're aided to successful conception . At Elite Clinic, we offer top quality medical aid that are designed to extend positive patient experience and ensure best fertility services are offered.

PCOS and Pregnancy
For tons of girls in their childbearing age, affected by PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) getting pregnant are often a challenge. Although, some percentile of girls with PCOS don’t have any problems with getting pregnant, but around 70 you are doing have difficulty conceiving. for ladies that have difficulty getting pregnant, it's advisable that they consider their fertility options as soon as they will .

PCOS/PCOD features a range of symptoms of which hormonal imbalances are one among the foremost common and may cause infertility. At Elite Clinic we guide you within the direction of medical aid and support for implicative conditions of PCOS/PCOD.

Fertility treatments available for PCOS:

If you've got been diagnosed with PCOS and starting a family is your priority , then there are some fertility treatments available which can up your chances.

These include:
*Fertility Medicines
You can consult a specialist who will prescribe fertility medications which help with PCOS symptoms and also assist in ovulation. a number of the common medicines for fertility include Serophene, Clomid and other injectables like gonadotropins. This creates balanced physiological environment that aids in follicular development. the sole disadvantage is that it works for less than one cycle .

*Ovary Drilling
This is a minimal invasive surgery which involves puncturing of the ovary ,carried forward with a needle that has current flowing which destroys some of the ovary. Although this helps with inducing ovulation and assists in lowering male hormones, the effect of the method might last for less than a couple of months. The risks involved would be scar development within the fallopian tubes.

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