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The incidents of multiple pregnancies have increased with the increasing number of assisted reproductive techniques. Multiple pregnancies pave way for complications like preterm labour, gestational hypertension, thromboembolism, membrane rupture etc. These issues make the delivery also complicated. we've highly efficient professionals to supply special care in such cases.

In order to avoid risks involved in multiple pregnancies, it's important to possess frequent and thorough check up and tests. Ultrasound test should be done frequently to live the expansion of the baby. Other tests may include duct Measurement, biophysical profile, fetal pulse monitoring etc.

If anything is found during the tests, the doctor would take preventive measures and coverings . The doctor will give medications to prevent the contractions, if found with preterm labor. Right direction regarding nutritional diet should tend to the lady during pregnancy. Some may require rest to avoid further risks.

It is likely that the kid may get certain genetic disorders. It are often passed from the oldsters (one of the parent or parent’s family history) or during its development within the womb. Genetic counselling refers to the tactic of identifying the signs of any genetic disease within the child. guidance also helps in managing such disorders effectively.

Defects within the genes are the most cause for genetic disorders. Errors that occur during a cellular division , which is named point mutation , also can be a cause for genetic disorders. a number of the foremost common genetic disorders are:

*Cystic Fibrosis
*Spina Bifida
*Sickle Cell Disease
*Down’s Syndrome
*Tay-Sachs Disease etc.
It is important to undergo genetic counselling when:

If both the oldsters /one of the parents features a genetic disease and trying to urge pregnant. During this point , a genetic counselling can make the patient conscious of the risks and complications that they're getting to face. they will get an alternate solution for his or her problem too.
If the mother is diagnosed with risk for genetic disorders after getting pregnant. Early detection can help the couple to require an honest decision regarding the baby. Certain cases are often corrected with fetal surgery, if diagnosed early.
After parturition to a toddler which has been suffering from any quite genetic disease . A genetic counselling can help the couple to understand the likelihood of recurrence of an equivalent issue within the next pregnancy.
The results of genetic tests can't be interpreted by anyone aside from a genetic counsellor. The emotional issues related to genetic disorders can simply tackled by these genetic counsellors.