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Elite Clinic core services include Gynecology, Advanced Laparoscopic and minimally invasive Gynecological Surgeries, Gynecological Oncology, and a state of the art centre for reproductive medicine and IVF including Andrology.

Our Gynecological surgical services are backed by a team of medical staff and doctors with years of experience in doing complex minimally invasive surgeries. The operating rooms are state of the art with elaborate cleanroom technology, modular theatres and therefore the latest laparoscopic equipment which suits the performance of procedures that demand the foremost sterile environment and this features a significant impact on the positive clinical outcomes of our surgical patients.

Fetal assessment test is completed so as to watch the foetus’s growth. It also helps in identifying the risks involved within the pregnancy. Fetal assessment tests might not cause any harm to the growing baby. There are number of fetal assessment procedure:

Ultrasound: it's an invasive and painless procedure which makes use of the sound echoes. consistent with which, images of the baby are going to be created. By analysing the image, the doctor are going to be ready to determine the dimensions and position of the baby. The doctor also can determine the maturity , birth anomalies etc. through the test. Ultrasound isn't risky for the growing baby.

Biophysical Profile: it's another test which makes use of ultrasound find the well being of the baby. It takes longer than a traditional ultrasound. The test can give detailed information regarding the health of the baby.

Non Stress Test: A test wont to monitor the guts beat and contractions of the uterus is named non assay . Normally, the test is performed only after 28 weeks of pregnancy.

Amniocentesis: Chromosomal defects, maturity of the lungs, ectoderm defects, genetic defects Down’s syndrome etc. are determined by this test. This test has certain minor complications.

Non assay and Biophysical Profile are called fetal well being tests. If the baby is found to possess any issue during the test, the doctor will recommend early delivery or the other solution.