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Elite Clinic is one among the best gynaecological Centre in Ghaziabad & sets an entire new paradigm in personalized women’s health care. The core of our approach is that the understanding that ladies are different and ladies heal differently & we call this personalized specialty for ladies . deem example our specialty clinics catering to varied health needs of girls across all age groups like Osteoporosis Clinic, PCOD Clinic, Menopause Clinic, Adolescent Clinic, Cancer Clinic, and pain management clinics with emphasis on women’s specific issues like pelvic pain.

A pregnancy is named ‘high-risk pregnancy’ when the mother or the kid has an increased chance of health issue. this might flow from to a problem that the lady had developed during the pregnancy or thanks to a medical issue developed within the previous pregnancy. High-risk pregnancies require continuous medical screening and tests. High risk pregnancy are often thanks to various reasons like:

*If the mother is younger than 17 or older than 35

*If the mother has many health issues like renal disorder , Cancer, Epilepsy, High vital sign , etc.

*Previous history of miscarriages

*Multiple Pregnancies

*Intake of tobacco and alcohol

*History of preterm labour, Preeclampsia etc.

*Sexually Transmitted Diseases

If detected early, the danger are often reduced with apt treatments and procedures. it's normal to possess frequent visits to the doctor while one is pregnant. the expansion of the fetus might be monitored through various tests like ultrasound, scans etc. Other tests also can be done to understand whether the mother is affected with any metabolic conditions or not.

hCG or Human Chorionic Gonardotropin is a pregnancy hormone which can be present within the blood or urine of a pregnant woman. All the bioassay work by detecting this hormone called hCG. Mainly, there are two sorts of pregnancy tests. One for the hCG hormone within the urine and other for the hCG hormone within the blood. Blood tests are of two types:

To check whether hCG hormone is present within the blood, which is named qualitative and

To measure the extent of hCG that's present within the blood, referred to as quantitative.

The biopsy is same to other simple blood tests. one tube of blood is drawn from the lady and sent to the laboratory for testing. biopsy may take a couple of hours to urge the results,whereas, the urine test results are going to be ready during a jiffy .

Nowadays, there are facilities available to try to to these tests reception , which is named home bioassay (HPT). There are HPT kits available in medical store. it's easy and cheap to see pregnancy using these kits. there's nothing to stress about the accuracy of home pregnancy tests unless you are doing not use them properly. Proper use can only give accurate results.